How to choose a veterinarian

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Choosing a Veterinarian

You can always check the phone book or pick a veterinary clinic that is close to home, but investing just a little time to research your pet’s veterinary options can provide significant peace of mind down the road.

• Ask other pet owners. Most will be candid when asked if they like their own vet.

• Is the clinic generally clean and pleasant in appearance?

• Does the clinic have equipment to perform common testing necessary within the facility- such as x-ray, blood testing, microscope?  And what new technology is available in the facility to assist in your pet's care? 

• Does the veterinarian or staff explain things and educate you on issues affecting your pet?  Are they willing to answer your questions?  Are reminders provided for your convenience?

• Find out if 24 hour emergency care and/or consultation is available.  Determine what are the options if an overnight stay is required.

• Watch the interaction between veterinary staff. Are they friendly? Does courtesy and politeness dominate interactions?

• Make sure the location is convenient for you – especially in the event of an emergency.

• Make sure your vet likes animals. Your vet’s preference can sometimes affect the quality of care your pet receives.

• Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable, for any reason at all, check around.