The Good Samaritan Fund

Angels for Animals

River City Pet Hospital    ph# 740-374-7387

serving Marietta, Ohio and surrounding areas

Contact Info:

River City Pet Hospital
c/o Fund Communication Officer
1206 Pike Street Marietta, Ohio 45750 ph: 740-374-7387
fax: 740-373-1779

 Grant Application

There are unfortunately accidents and situations that arise when animals are in need of medical care, but their caretakers are unable to afford that care.  We wish to establish a Fund to help those animals receive the care they need.

If you wish to donate to this worthy cause, please contact us.  For a Grant Application, follow the link to the left under the heart.

Current fundraisers for the Fund:  
Candy Bars  Yummm! An everchanging assortment of popular regular sized candy bars, such as snickers, reeses, kitkat, almond joy, butterfinger, etc.  $1 each (cheaper than the gas station!)  Cash only please. Available in our lobby.
Red Dingo Pet Tags! These are attractive tags made of highest quality materials, and mailed right to your door!  See the selection and pick up an order form at our office.  We'll even fax the order for you. 

Recipients of Fund assistance are screened to establish need, both financial and medical.  Only local domestic animals will be considered.  The care will be provided by River City Pet Hospital. 

Donors can request a receipt of their donation, and have the choice to be provided a report of what their donation funded.  Due to legal limitations, identities of recipients will not be shared. 

River City Pet Hospital will contribute by providing a discount to the services provided to an approved recipient.  We also will contribute  funds through various fund raisers through out the year.

We are proud to also support the local Humane Societies and Rescue Groups with discounted services, in an effort to help the needy animals in our area.